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Should You Buy a Used Electric Bicycle? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Should You Buy a Used Electric Bicycle? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Commuting every day is our desire, and we use a variety of vehicles that serve us well. Electric bikes provide an excellent alternative to conventional bikes. Powered by an electric motor, an e-bike requires little effort on the part of the rider.

In terms of buying a used electric bike versus a new one, what are the pros and cons? A used e-bike is usually cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and still serves the purpose. With a new e-bike, you will have peace of mind with the manufacturer's warranty, will spend more money, and will have a wider choice of color and options.

During the purchase of an electric bike, many people are caught in between figuring out if they should buy a used or a new electric bike. There are actually a few different choices to make. In this article, we will talk about what you need to put into consideration when choosing between new and used electric bikes.



Pros and cons of a used electric bikes


It is a great way to save money and help the environment by reducing the amount of waste produced by buying used items. Used electric bikes can be just as easily justified as new ones. In the case of someone who no longer needs an e-bike and wishes to sell it, both the seller and the buyer are interested in completing the transaction.

It is, however, important to pay attention to what you are buying, so as not to risk purchasing a poor quality e-bike or an e-bike that is not suitable for our needs. Below are the pros and cons that can guide you right when buying a used e-bike.


The pros of buying a used e-bike:


Usually a cheaper option. The main advantage of purchasing a used electric bike is that they are less expensive. In contrast to new electric bikes, you will avoid additional costs like preparation fees, advertising fees, and processing fees. The bike is a great investment as long as it has been properly maintained.

A wide choice is available. Used electric bikes are available at a wider range of places. You will find different types of electric bikes at auction, electric bike shops, dealerships, websites, and from a friend. The choice is endless.

Still easier to use than a conventional bike. With a used electric bike, long distances can be covered in less time. Sloppy or steep terrain can make things move faster. With a speed of 15-20mph, you can reach any destination in a shorter amount of time. These are the reasons why electric bikes are worth the money.

Insurance costs will be reduced. Another advantage of buying a used electric bike is that you will pay less for insurance. As a result, you have a great deal of money to save and use for other things.

Some warranty may still be available. It may be possible to get a warranty depending on how long is left on it. Some used electric bike buyers are fortunate enough to receive a warranty, especially for bikes that are under five years old. The warrant is transferred from the seller to the buyer during the purchase process.

Will pay less tax. Electric bikes that are used cost less than new ones and therefore attract a lower tax payment (where applicable). Ebikes with lower values will require you to pay less to the government annually.



The cons of buying a used e-bike:


Will likely have a shorter lifespan. Will likely have a shorter lifespan. Most used electric bikes do not last as long as new ones. Pre-owned e-bikes may be poorly maintained by their previous owners, which can breed unprecedented issues in the future. By doing so, it will affect and minimize its durability, therefore, creating a potential loss for the buyer.

Things can go wrong. The purchased e-bike may experience many problems in the future. No guarantee may be offered to assist with repair costs. Having an e-bike that is out of warranty means that any future maintenance and repairs will be your responsibility.

What you see is what you get. What you see is what you get. Used e-bikes have no extra features. Everything is as it appears. You may not be able to find the exact electric bike you are looking for depending on the size of your budget. Market options for e-bikes are limited. When purchasing a used e-bike, you may have to sacrifice the color you want for the one that is in great condition.


Pros and cons of a new electric bike


Everything has two sides like a coin – its pros and its cons. This is also applicable when planning to buy a shiny new e-bike. There are certain questions that should not go unanswered and some things have to be taken into consideration.


Some pros when buying a new e-bike: 


Guaranteed peace of mind. You will be guaranteed peace of mind by buying a new e-bike. This is because it is still new and it’s followed by a manufacturer warranty. If any problem arises such as motor issue, wear and tear, and more will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Advanced features. The new e-bikes come with advanced features to enhance user experience and productivity. The advanced technology means that new e-bikes will be able to cover bigger mileages and have better safety measure features put in place.


No past surprises. Owners of new e-bikes will have no issues encountered with the device. They will not have to worry if the previous owner of the bike has changed the tires, battery, or motor. Every part and feature is brand new.


Often easier to ride. New electric bikes are less disappointing and pretty handy to beat traffic. It is easy to leave your house and go somewhere in the city, especially during the rush hours. Since the electric bike takes up less space, you can easily beat traffic jams.


Choose the color you like. A new e-bike can be purchased in any color you desire. A new e-bike can be purchased in many varieties, unlike a used e-bike, which may have few options.



Some cons when buying a new e-bike:


Higher insurance and tax (where applicable). New e-bikes are subject to higher insurance and tax rates. E-bikes with higher prices and taxes will have higher insurance premiums.

Some models are heavier than others. The newly installed battery and motor on new e-bikes may make them heavier. After the battery has flattened, they may be difficult to push.

More expensive. New electric bikes are generally more expensive than used e-bikes.

Depreciation begins immediately. New e-bikes depreciate as soon as they are driven away from the dealership.



All In All 


It is always not an easy choice of selecting between a used and a new model for any type of good that one would like to purchase. Consider purchasing a used e-bike if you know the previous owner and have tested it before buying. E-bike rental services, for example, often sell their e-bikes at the end of each season. Typically, these models are well maintained and are taken good care of before being resold.   If you have the budget flexibility and are willing to try the latest e-bike technologies, buy a new e-bike. A new e-bike will give you more options, a specific color, and the assurance of a manufacturer's warranty.  

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