29.4 V/0.4 Ah Charger for Hoverboard - SISIGAD
29.4 V/0.4 Ah Charger for Hoverboard - SISIGAD
29.4 V/0.4 Ah Charger for Hoverboard - SISIGAD
29.4 V/0.4 Ah Charger for Hoverboard - SISIGAD

29.4 V/0.4 Ah Charger for Hoverboard

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3.What precautions should be taken before the first use?
Ensure the hoverboard is fully charged before the initial use, avoiding overcharging.
Press the start switch to enter the self-balancing mode, controlling turns, forward, or backward movements with subtle body shifts.

4.How can charging issues be addressed?
If unable to charge, check if the temperature is too high and wait for an hour before attempting to recharge.
To reactivate the mainboard, try removing and plugging the charging port 4-5 times.

5.What factors influence the usage time of the hoverboard?
Typically, the hoverboard lasts for about 30-45 minutes.
Factors affecting usage time include user weight, road conditions, temperature, riding speed, and battery power.

6.How to reset the hoverboard?
Turn off the hoverboard.
Place it on a level surface, ensuring no tilt, and calibrate balance.
Hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds.
Power off and restart the hoverboard.
If issues persist, attempt the reset process again.

7.Do you offer the replacement of battery?
Considering the safety concerns associated with customers replacing the battery themselves, we do not provide a replacement of battery.

A26+kart 2
Dual 300 W
36 V / 2.0 Ah , Lithium-ion
42 V / 0.4 Ah
Charging Time
3-5 H
Top speed
6.21 MPH
Max Range
6-9 MLS
6-12 years old
Item Weight
13.97 lbs
Max Loading
154.32 lbs
Item Dimensions(L/W/H)
23.62*7.87*7.87 inches
6.5" Solid Rubber
Bluetooth Speakers
Max Climbing Ability
Non-slip deck
A26+kart 2