You can buy this hoverboard for $99.99. This is why you should buy it!

Do you remember hoverboards? They were quite expensive. They weren't actually hoverboards. There were serious fire problems with them. Lime scooters have replaced them completely. 

In reality, hoverboards are two-wheeled self-balancing scooters. That doesn't exactly roll off the tongue well. During the peak of their popularity a few years ago, most retailers stopped selling them due to recalls and regulatory warnings. In a way, the whole category of products died.

Not really. If you see them at a major retailer, they're probably UL-certified. The deal today proves that they are no longer $400 and up. Just $99.99!

Although hoverboards aren't as practical as Lime scooters (or similar devices), they're still a lot of fun. Since I've owned one for a few years, I've noticed that kids of all ages enjoy it. Walking up and down the driveway, along the sidewalks, and so on is all they do.

Since it has a training mode that limits the speed, it is particularly kid-friendly. It is most likely that a kid will crash when they go too fast, turn too sharply, and fly off the bike. (Training mode or not: helmets please. Perhaps gloves to protect their hands?)

Honestly, I wouldn't spend $400, $300, or even $200 on one of these, but $99? Is that really enough for a kid who just wants wheeled feet? Certainly. Excellent present.

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