What if the hover board does not work properly?

Please follow us to do:
1. First of all: Ensure the board is turned off and make sure that both sides of the boards are on a level surface. If just one green light is illuminated and the other is showing red then it needs rebalancing. (It is very important that you need to turn off the hoverboard before you reset it.)
2. Then, Press and hold the power switch for 5-7 seconds until the indicator light is red, the scooter enter the calibration state.
3. Press the power switch to turn off the scooter.
4. Wait 5 seconds, then press the power switch to turn on the scooter.
The above steps are the reset steps of the hoverboard, which can help you solve the problems of the hoverboard not working properly, unbalanced, and one tire cannot run.
If you encounter a problem that the reset cannot solve, you can contact us at any time.

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