How to use the hoverboard correctly for the first time?


How do I start driving a balance car for the first time?

Follow our steps below to start your first cycling trip on a hoverboard!

  1. After turning on the power, wait for about three seconds for the gyroscope to find its balance, push and pull the car back and forth to confirm whether the machine is turned on (the wheel shakes back and forth when it is not turned on, and it cannot be shaken after it is turned on, only forward and backward).


  1. After confirming the power supply, put on the protective gear, step on the right pedal with the right foot, and put the upper end of the Hoverboard on the right calf, swing the knee joint back and forth with a little pressure, let the car move forward and backward, practice repeatedly, and control the Hover Board before proceeding to the next step. .


  1. Before getting into the Self Balancing Scooter, push your left leg back and lean forward to give the hoverboard a bit of forward compensation speed. Step on the right pedal with your right foot. If you can't stand still and get on the hoverboard, your body will be unbalanced. Get on the self balancing scooter when moving forward (the principle is the same as riding a bicycle).


  1. After getting in the hoverboard, lean forward slightly, stand up straight with your legs, raise your head, look forward (without looking down at the hoverboard) and open your arms to find the left and right balance, lightly press your toes, move forward slowly, and practice repeatedly. At the beginning, it will be crooked and crooked. After about half an hour of study, you will find a feeling. After an hour, you will be able to use it freely. After three hours, the hoverboard and the person will become one.


  1. When you want to slow down or stop, lean backward or lift your toes, the Electric Scooter will decelerate or stop completely. The greater the backward lean or toe lift, the faster the Electric Scooter will decelerate. Special reminder, the range of forward or brake action when riding It is not easy to be too big to avoid falling. Do not accelerate or decelerate rapidly, and do not lean forward or lean excessively.


Extended information




  1. Before driving the electric balance car, you need to check whether the components of the smart balance car are firmly installed and not damaged.


  1. It is necessary to find a relatively open and flat place for driving practice, at least 4m * 4m, both indoor and outdoor.


  1. It is necessary to fully understand the surrounding driving environment; ensure that it will not be interfered by cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.


  1. A skilled assistant is needed by the side; the assistant needs to be able to operate the electric hoverboard and be familiar with all the precautions and driving methods in the driver's manual.


  1. Do not test the car on a smooth and slippery field.


  1. It is necessary to wear a safety helmet and protective gear to avoid possible injury.


  1. Twist the height adjustment button on the direction joystick to adjust the direction joystick to the height you think is suitable to ensure that you can hold the handle comfortably.

The above is all the sharing between us and everyone. Welcome everyone to join the cycling team of SISIGAD Hoverboard.

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