How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost? What You Get For Your Money

It is obvious that price is one of the most important factors when shopping for the right hoverboard. So you’re probably wondering “how much does a hoverboard cost?” Moreover, you’re probably wondering “what is the price range for a good hoverboard?"" What is the right price point for a hoverboard that fits my needs?” Basically, you’re searching for the best hoverboard for the money.

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We'll answer all your questions. Keep reading.

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost? What is the ideal hoverboard price range?

Between $100 and $700 can be spent on a solid and safe hoverboard. Our research indicates that the sweet spot is between $300 and $600. At this price range, you'll get a long range, a short charge time, and a high maximum speed.

Why Do Hoverboards Cost So Much?

Hoverboards cost more because they have a powerful motor, a larger battery, and a longer range. Safety technology and cost of materials also play a role, but that's a given.

Among the other factors that contribute to the cost of hoverboards are LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, a smartphone app, and water resistance.

You should match the hoverboard's features and power to your needs.

Sure, you could buy a hoverboard with the most powerful specs, but do you really need them? You may be able to save some money by getting rid of a few extravagant add-ons.

Depending on the price point, you see a difference in power and other abilities.

Low-priced hoverboards, for example, are less likely to feature a powerful motor, handle steep inclines, or include many extras. The higher the price, the more capable your hoverboard will be.

The following is a general breakdown of what you can expect for your money:

  • $100-$200

With this deal, you'll get a dependable, but basic hoverboard. Good for new and experienced riders alike, but won't excite the latter. Don't expect a lot of power or extra features.  That means sacrificing things like speed, range, and maybe even battery charging times.

  • $200-$500

We consider this price range to be the "sweet spot" for hoverboards. At this price range, you'll find more features such as apps, Bluetooth speakers, off-road capabilities, and more. Additionally, the build quality improves, giving you a more rugged and durable hoverboard. As a general rule, charging times, range, and speed also improve.

  • $500+

We believe that this is the price range for an experienced hoverboard rider. What does it get you? It has all of the extra features, the longest range, the fastest top speeds, and the durability you'd expect from a hoverboard that will last.

Is it better to buy a used hoverboard over a brand new one?

A hoverboard can be an expensive investment, so why not consider a used model? It will save you money.

Before you buy a used hoverboard, you need to consider a few things. First of all, even if a used hoverboard appears to be in new like condition, it is impossible to determine how much wear and tear the current owner has put it through.

It may look pristine, but the battery or motor may have been heavily used. Therefore, buying a used hoverboard is a gamble.

Having said that, you have no idea what the history of a used hoverboard is, and especially for safety reasons, we recommend buying it new, which will also come with a warranty. You can spend more, but you will be safe and your purchase will be covered if anything goes wrong.

What Is the Cost of Fixing a Hoverboard?

You may need to replace parts and fix it at some point if your warranty has expired or if you purchased a used hoverboard. You can consult some YouTube videos if you decide to fix it yourself.

This is a list of how much some of these repairs will cost you. Prices for parts and service are subject to change.

Below is a general price list for hoverboard repairs at a dealer:

  • Motherboard $150.
  • Gyroscope $120.
  • Motor replacement $180
  • Hoverboard frame $160

The cost of DIY hoverboard repair parts is:

  • Motherboard $30-$70.
  • Gyroscope $20-$50.
  • Motor replacement $80-$120.
  • Hoverboard frame $20-$90.

How to Buy a Hoverboard

You can buy a hoverboard from a variety of stores and options. Our favorite is Amazon. It's one of the most trusted stores on the Internet, offers a generous return policy, and generally has consumers' backs when problems arise.

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